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The Southern Pole Championship – June 5th and June 6th, 2013

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

The Southern Pole Championship is an open Pole Sport competition that is held for Pole Dance competitors of all levels.

Pole Sport Organization was created by pole dancers with plenty of experience in mainstream of pole competitions in order to bring the opportunity to perform and receive feedback to a wider range of dancers.

This year the event took place at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami, FL on June 5th and June 6th, 2013 and we are extremely proud to announce that our student Svetlana Semenishcheva took the title of 1st place in the Level 2 category. With so many different levels, competitors and dance styles this is really a great accomplishment. Level 2 is the correct level for intermediate level dancers who have the knowledge and power to invert safely and cleanly. Dancers who compete in this category may invert on the pole (which in pole fitness means going upside down with the hips higher than the head), however, dancers must maintain at least three points of contact with the pole and their body while performing an inversion.

Svetlana prepared for her routine in our dance studio with the help of our wonderful instructors, Rosa Rodriguez and Iyana Lunan. With no previous dance experience or dance training Svetlana is solid proof that if you can believe it and work hard at it, then you can achieve it. After a successful instructor training she has now joined our SoBe Pole Dance Studio team of incredibly talented instructors. Anyone interested in Pole Fitness should definitely come and check out her class.