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SoBe Pole Dance Studio on Oxygen with Bad Girls Club

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

SoBe Pole Dance Studio is proud to have been featured on The Bad Girls Club, Miami. It was a lot of fun to have them come and take our beginner pole dance class. They all did a great job.

Check out the video below:

Birthday Party Ideas, Miami Local Confessions

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Planning a birthday party for yourself or someone else? Not familiar with the party scene in Miami? Worry no more because I am here to help. I am going to list just a few ideas for an amazing birthday party in Miami.

1. Barbeque in Crandon Park

The park is located in Key Biscayne and open seven days a week from 8:00am until 5:00pm. For the low entrance price of $5.50 you could have a day of fun as this location offers Eco-Adventure tours, contains Nature Center and Self – Guided Nature Trails, a mangrove boardwalk to a fossilized reef overlook, Kite-Boards and Kayaks Available for Rental at North Concession, Guided Tram Tours of Bear Cut Preserve, bird and butterfly walks, historical nature walks through a preserve, offering a wide variety of field trip opportunities, and cabana rentals. They also have pavilions with barbeque grills that are free, but on a first come basis. Don’t forget your burgers, hot dogs, music and soft drinks. For more information, details, and pets and alcohol policy visit their website at

2. Beach Party

Beach party is always an option in sunny Miami. There are a number of Beaches to choose from in Miami from South Point to North Miami Beach. No matter which one you choose to host your party at, there would be the major ingredients for a beach party: sun, sand and water. At most beaches in Miami there are barbeque grills (first come first serve basis), volley ball nets, and picnic tables so there are many activities to engage in. A good idea will be to bring chips and deep, fruits, vegetables, water bottles, cooler, and beer or wine bottle. I love Miami’s beautiful ocean views. All you will need is your sun lotion, umbrella, a group of friends, and swim suit. Keep in mind, pets are not allowed on Miami beaches.

3. Pole Party

SoBe Pole Dance Studio in Miami Beach offers birthday party packages starting at $375.00. Packages may include complementary bottle of champagne, pole dance class, floor work, lap dance moves, cup cakes, party favors such as studio tank top, table décor, candles, chocolates, balloons and much more. The studio requires advance reservation (must pay in full to book a date). There are options for make-up artist, male dancer and sexy photo packages also available as add-ons. Having your birthday party at SoBe Pole Dance Studio is a great option because it is conveniently located in heart of World’s Famous South Beach – walking distance to restaurants, the beach and local South Beach bars, cafés, and clubs. There are more packages to choose from on the website at

4. Dinner Party

There is the popular choice of a dinner party. Barceloneta is an amazing Spanish Tapas restaurant conveniently located in two locations in South Beach and Sunset. Open for dinner 7 days a week. The price ranges is between $20 and $45/person for lunch or dinner. It is a super relaxed setting depending on the type of person you are. If you want to show up in casual or not so casual clothes you are welcome to. They have half off on bottles of wine every Monday night and a broad menu selection. It is simply a place where good food, good drinks and good people come together. Just bring yourself and good company and get prepared for a night of excitement.
Besides, they have great reviews on Yelp! Check out their website for more information

As you can see Miami is a great city to host a memorable birthday party. The question is, are you ready for an Ultimate Miami Night?

Brittany Graham,
Born and Raised in Miami ☺

Making a Move Away From Pole Fitness towards Pole Sports

Sunday, October 20th, 2013


According to the article Pole Dancers Buff Image with Rules and a Dress Code, published in the Wall Street Journal 08/12/2013, organizers of a meet in London “want to reform pole dancing into a sport respectable enough to go to the Olympics. Because of this, many judges of Pole Fitness competitions are shedding burlesque roots in hopes of becoming an Olympic-worthy sport. The article goes on to say that the organizers of the meet have written a rule book that gives code names to compulsory moves, specifies scoring methodology and bans pole-dancing staples such as removable articles of clothing.

Strict Judging Criteria:

Based on the article, among the written regulations there is no dancing in an overtly erotic manner. No rear end shaking and no hats, canes and anything that is not considered attached to the costume. The federation’s rules frowns upon anything that falls off a dancer. They mandate disqualification for intentionally removing items of clothing, ban costumes from being used in an erotic manner and require neckline of no lower than eighty (80) millimeters from clavicle notch.

Pole Dancer’s reactions:

Some believe that the competitions were in dire need of stricter rules because they believe that ‘required moves’ set standards for all competitions. This will allow for the judges to distinguish the weak from the strong. Others believe that such strict ruling will take all the fun out of the sport. Referring back to the article mentioned above, Renee Richardson, a Budapest Burlesque performer was quoted saying “I need the glitter, the hairdo, and most of all, dancing,” “The sport is nice but my heart beats for the glamour.” (Veronika Gulyas, 2013). The two very different opinions show that everyone participates for their own specific and personal reasons. The question remains, is adding stricter rules a good idea for the Pole Fitness industry?


It’s obvious that there is going to be some controversy regarding this change in the Pole Fitness community. Whether or not the federation takes the reactions of the members of this sport into consideration is the more important issue to think about. The steps to becoming an Olympic Sport are some that are not simple. “A sport must meet criteria for matters such as gender balance, geographical spread and governance. They first have to become a recognized sport and then there is a long process to be gone through before they can take part in the process”, says Mark Adams.