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Preparing for Pole Dance Competition

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Are you into pole fitness and ready to showcase your talent and pole abilities to the wider range of audience not only your pole class friends and get an immediate feedback? Then pole dance competition might be exactly for you.  Choosing to compete is a very huge decision. It requires lots of dedication physically and mentally, since sometimes it can get a little stressful and a bit emotional. You have to be prepared to fully commit yourself to extra training time and the most exciting part – to the creative process.

First question to ask yourself is what is your dance style and what you enjoy the most and then choose the appropriate for you event. Not all the competitions focus one extreme athleticism and strength and not all of them focus on sensuality and artistism. So don’t try to fit in and change your personal preferences rather do your research and pick the right competition to be a part of. Read everything you can find about the competition paying close attention to rules and regulations upon music, compulsory moves, costume choice and so on. When all these is done and the application is filled in you need to start to prepare the routine for your big day! Carefully select the music and be creative in this selection, try to pick something that will touch the audience and most importantly will move you! Keep away from top twenty tracks, try to find the song that is not very well known or if you absolutely love lets say the most popular Beyonce hit, in this case look for an interesting remake of it. Then work on the concept and choreography of your routine, outfit and props if you chose to use any. Try to finalize these details as soon as possible so you can get started on training faster.

The training process is not just your regular pole class, it needs more time and effort. Make sure to use the tricks and combos that you already know very well or will easily perfect in the nearest future, the pole dance competition is not the time for experimenting! Video record your rehearsals every time, it will help you to keep a track on your progress and notice the mistakes or missteps you might be doing. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! The more the better!!!! Try to repeat your whole routine at least three times per training day, do not waste your energy on rehearsing only the parts or single bits of your dance. This will help you to develop muscle memory and  learn your routine by heart much faster!!!! Do not underestimate the power of your mind and go over your routine even when you are not physically able to perform it. There is a strong connection between your muscles and your brain and the same neurons will work when you think about it as well as when you actually do it! Also don’t forget to try on your costume and see how it moves while you dance, do an imperative final run through in it before the competition day!

The next very important part is the diet. Be very mindful of what you fuel your body with! You want to stay strong and energized! Try to consume appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and all necessary vitamins to get you through the process. Treat yourself and your body well, do not over train and give yourself the right time to recover. Always remember you perform your best when you rest!!!!! Take care, enjoy and have fun while creating, good luck! Be proud of your creation and stand for your style no matter what the results are! The competition is a great experience that can be very rewarding!

By Svetlana Semenishcheva