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How To Make a Good Pole Dance YouTube Tutorial

Monday, November 16th, 2015

To teach a skill via video tutorial is an easy way for people to learn and keep up with new moves, and for you to make new followers and share your talent. This creates convenience of watching the video at any time anywhere, the ability to pause or slow motion the video, and one on one instruction. Video tutorials are sure to attract new followers and convince your current one’s that you’re serious about your job as a pole fitness instructor who always has more to offer.

While this may seem like a simple technique and most people/businesses will hop at the opportunity to expand their viewership with online video tutorials but not all video tutorials are good. The key aspect of a good video tutorial is not technical but the delivery. Ideally, a person conducting a tutorial should be trained on how to deliver a proper tutorial and the video itself should be well understood and properly formatted.

Pole Fitness Video Tutorial Manual:

Start off by introducing yourself (name) and the pole move that you will be performing. Announce the name of the studio if any that you are making the video on behalf of. Example: Hello. My name is Brittany, Im an instructor at SoBe Pole Dance Studio and in this tutorial I will be demonstrating a pole spin – Fireman.

Demonstrate the actual move so that the viewer knows what the move looks like and what to expect.

After performing the move, break each movement down to its simplest form. Provide detailed step by step instructions.

Next, repeat step three a little faster than it was done the first time.

Perform the move again at its original speed and advice your students to attempt the move with you this time.

Thank your viewers for watching, encourage them to keep practicing, and subscribe to you or the Studio you work for on YouTube.


For every tutorial provide variations of the dance move for your viewers. For example, give alternative options for the more advanced and the beginner pole dancer (something that would make the move easier or more difficult). Also, remember to always encourage the viewer to try the move on each side of the pole (left side and right side). There are great auto-fix and stabilize options that YouTube offers under “enhancements” settings which you can access after uploading a video to make it look professional.