5 Reasons Why Pole Fitness is Better than Working Out at a Conventional Gym

June 3rd, 2015

There are many reasons why pole fitness is better than working out at a conventional gym. One of many reasons is that you are able to express yourself in a more creative way. Second, you will see faster results and better muscle cuts and lines. You can get the same or even better muscle tone without the strain of bulky weights similar to ones at the gym. Third, it’s tons of fun!   Fourth, it is safer to do pole fitness then going to a traditional gym; as pole dancers use their own body weight to work out, nothing will fall on you (heavy weights, or equipment). Last, but not least, your likes on social media platforms will improve. 

              Firstly, you are able to express yourself in a more creative way. While creating your own fitness and dance routine, you are expressing an art form that could be shown off to your friends and family. There is nothing more comfortable than getting to be yourself as you workout. This includes feeling sexy, clumsy, excited or frustrated. You will be happy expressing yourself. Pole students can do all types of tricks and moves such as the Front Hook Spin, Stag Spin, Fireman Spin, Hook & Roll and Hollywood Spin.

              Secondly, pole dancing is better than working out in the gym if you want to get faster results and better muscle cuts and lines. Doing pole fitness will get you in better shape in 6 months then going to a gym for a year. You can get the same or even better muscle tone without the strain of bulky weights similar to the ones at the gym.  Poling helps burn calories quicker. Pole dancing works every muscle in the entire body.  You are always moving, making pole both great isometric and cardiovascular exercise wrapped into one.

                 Furthermore, who doesn’t like their work out to be fun-filled?  Working out will never be boring if you enjoy dancing. Along with an exciting workout, friendly environment and sexy style, you and your friends can dress up in sexy clothes and high heels to take a class at the studio or in the convenience of your own home. Pole dancing is the new HOT & SEXY way to stay in excellent shape while having fun. Pole Dancing relies on significant upper body strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance. Women have been looking for a change in their exercise routines, which is where the art and love of pole dancing comes into play.

Another reason why pole fitness is a great alternative exercise form opposed to the traditional gym is because it is safe. For example, it is safer to do pole fitness then going to a traditional gym as pole dancers use only their own body weight to work out with reduces the risk of injury associated with weight lifting. There is a lesser chance that something will fall on you at the pole studio i.e., heavy weights or equipment as all poles are the only exercise tools that pole athletes use and are safely secured with the screws in the concrete or wood of a ceiling and the floor. There is always an instructor available to spot you during your lessons. 

                 Considering all factors listed above, it can be concluded that your presence, likes and attention to your persona on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will improve. Appreciation on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for pictures at a pole dance studio rather than from a regular gym will spike up your followers and likes. Pole dance fitness is more fun and exciting. It is more interesting to see because it is not commonly practiced. Pretty soon everyone will be doing pole fitness more than working out at a gym. 

Pole Fitness develops confidence, builds self esteem, healthy and beautiful bodies while being a very interesting and fun workout all at once.

By Meily Martinez ad Brittany Graham

Party Ideas 2015: where and how to celebrate your special event

April 8th, 2015

Are you planning a Birthday party, Bachelorette party, or Girls Night Out? Have you exhausted all your ideas and have no clue what to plan to make the night memorable? SoBe Pole Dance Studio has an answer for you and Miami Beach is definitely the right place. Miami Beach is the entertainment hotspot for many types of events. We are located in South Beach on Washington Ave. Come book your Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party or just a Girls Night Out party with us.

    Think of getting ready, renting a limo service, drinking your favorite Champaign, getting to the word famous South Beach for a pole dance class! As you arrive you will be greeted by our friendly staff, which will assist your group with pictures and anything you may need. Then, you will immerse yourself into a fun and memorable experience of dancing on the pole like a pro with your girlfriends guided by the best instructors in Florida. We offer, Bachelorette Warm-Up Party which includes 1 Complimentary Bottle Champagne, Pole Dance Class, and party favors for up to 10 people and its $360 for 1 Hour. We also offer The Ultimate Bachelorette Pole Dance Party which all the girls seem to love, this package brings everything you need starting with 2 Complimentary Bottles of Champagne, comes with Food and Beverages, you even get to see a stunning performance from your instructor, Super Hot Dance Routine, a Pole Dance Contest- Winner Takes a Prize! Professional Photographer, Party Favors and Accessories. Package is good for maximum 20 people. With this package comes two hours of fun for only $1000. Be entertained, learn something new, and make memories that you will have for a lifetime! Your party will be loaded with FUN, LAUGHS, MEMORIES and much more! You can even book a male dancer performer as a surprise for the bride to be. We also have our Birthday party packages starting at $375.00. This particular party package consists of one complementary Bottle of Champagne, pole time, floor work, lap dance, cup cakes, party favors, and you could invite up to 10 friends. The studio requires you to call and reserve in advance (must pay in full to book a date). There are options for make-up artist and photo packages also available as add-ons. If you want to have fun with your girls for a girl’s night out and want to learn how to booty pop or lap dance, we have some new party packages for that too.  For instance, the Lap Dance Party which includes 1 complimentary Bottle of Champagne, Lap Dance Class (floor work, lap dance), Party favors, and each girl leaves with a complimentary gift from SoBe, Up to 10 people $345 for 1 hour. Our Booty Pop Class includes 1 Complimentary Bottle of Champagne, Booty Pop Class (floor work), party favors, each girl leaves with a complimentary gift from SoBe, Up to 12 people $395 for 1 hour.

SoBe Pole Dance Studio is the best place to celebrate birthdays, bachelorettes or girls night out, because of our wonderful location and friendly staff. After the party there are many placing to go and continue the celebration on the Beach ranging from Mango’s Cafe and bars where you get to drink gigantic cocktails and learn how to dance local salsa and ending your night at Mansion Nightclub – famous South Beach night club where all of the locals and tourist go to have fun or celebrate a special event. If you are having a party with us in the afternoon there is a great local place to go for lunch after the party – Flamingoes located on Ocean Drive. They serve typical American food with a Miami flavor. If you like healthy choices visit Pure Vida Cafe and enjoy healthy smoothies. If you are having dinner after your party, check out Barceloneta; an amazing Spanish Tapas restaurant conveniently located in Miami and South Beach. Open for dinner 7 days a week.  Their prices range between $5 and $23 for lunch and dinner.  It is a super relaxed setting depending on the type of person you are. If you want to show up in casual or not so casual clothes you’re welcome to. It is simply a place where good food, good drinks and good people come together. Just bring yourself and good company and get prepared for a night of excitement.

Preparing for Pole Dance Competition

March 20th, 2015

Are you into pole fitness and ready to showcase your talent and pole abilities to the wider range of audience not only your pole class friends and get an immediate feedback? Then pole dance competition might be exactly for you.  Choosing to compete is a very huge decision. It requires lots of dedication physically and mentally, since sometimes it can get a little stressful and a bit emotional. You have to be prepared to fully commit yourself to extra training time and the most exciting part – to the creative process.

First question to ask yourself is what is your dance style and what you enjoy the most and then choose the appropriate for you event. Not all the competitions focus one extreme athleticism and strength and not all of them focus on sensuality and artistism. So don’t try to fit in and change your personal preferences rather do your research and pick the right competition to be a part of. Read everything you can find about the competition paying close attention to rules and regulations upon music, compulsory moves, costume choice and so on. When all these is done and the application is filled in you need to start to prepare the routine for your big day! Carefully select the music and be creative in this selection, try to pick something that will touch the audience and most importantly will move you! Keep away from top twenty tracks, try to find the song that is not very well known or if you absolutely love lets say the most popular Beyonce hit, in this case look for an interesting remake of it. Then work on the concept and choreography of your routine, outfit and props if you chose to use any. Try to finalize these details as soon as possible so you can get started on training faster.

The training process is not just your regular pole class, it needs more time and effort. Make sure to use the tricks and combos that you already know very well or will easily perfect in the nearest future, the pole dance competition is not the time for experimenting! Video record your rehearsals every time, it will help you to keep a track on your progress and notice the mistakes or missteps you might be doing. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! The more the better!!!! Try to repeat your whole routine at least three times per training day, do not waste your energy on rehearsing only the parts or single bits of your dance. This will help you to develop muscle memory and  learn your routine by heart much faster!!!! Do not underestimate the power of your mind and go over your routine even when you are not physically able to perform it. There is a strong connection between your muscles and your brain and the same neurons will work when you think about it as well as when you actually do it! Also don’t forget to try on your costume and see how it moves while you dance, do an imperative final run through in it before the competition day!

The next very important part is the diet. Be very mindful of what you fuel your body with! You want to stay strong and energized! Try to consume appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and all necessary vitamins to get you through the process. Treat yourself and your body well, do not over train and give yourself the right time to recover. Always remember you perform your best when you rest!!!!! Take care, enjoy and have fun while creating, good luck! Be proud of your creation and stand for your style no matter what the results are! The competition is a great experience that can be very rewarding!

By Svetlana Semenishcheva

Rafaela Montanaro at SoBe Pole Dance Studio

December 22nd, 2014

RafaelaSoBe Pole Dance Studio offers different type of classes taught by qualified and  talented instructors. We are proud to have Rafaela Montanaro on our team. Rafaela teaches on Mondays from 10:00AM to 1:00PM Stretch Into Sleek, Pole Dance Routine, and Level 2 Beginner and Tuesdays from 6:00PM to 9:00PM Level 3&4 Intermediate, Level 1, and Level 1 & 2 Beginner. She is known worldwide for her amazing performances that balance strength, flexibility and artistic diversity, performing different characters and dance styles from classical ballet to rock ‘n roll. She is the most recognized Brazilian pole dancer, teaching and performing all around the world. She came from Brazil to teach in Miami and continue her amazing carrier. Rafaela performs pole dance, hand balancing, dance shows and Aerial dance. Born in a family of athletes, she began her carrier at the early age of three with gymnastics, which she pursued until she was twelve and had to quit due a knee injury. It was at this time that she discovered her true passion in dance; she then took ballet, contemporary and ballroom dance.

At the age of sixteen, after watching a Cirque du Soleil show she decided to try out for a circus career. She was admitted at the renowned École National e des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois in France. She attended for eighteen months and due to family problems couldn’t finish the four year course. Back in Brazil Rafaela felt the need of heroic knowledge to develop and specialize as a teacher and athlete so she decided to take Physical Education in college, getting her degree in 2008. At the same period practiced Kung-fu Wushu and was part of the national team in 2006.

She began her pole carrier in 2009, and won the National and South American Competition only five months after starting. Pole certainly was love at first sight! The following year she started teaching and intensified her training methods that led her to three titles at the biggest competitions in the world: Pole Tricks, third place at Miss Pole Dance World 2010, in Switzerland, and Pole Fit Champion at International Pole Championship 2010 in Japan.

In 2011 Rafaela won the national division at the Pole World Cup, and got second place at the international division. In 2012, after three months without any kind of physical activity due to a shoulder injury, and having only forty-five days to get back in shape and come up with a world level performance, she won for the second time the Pole Fitness Champion Title, in March; and in November the South American Championship again.

Rafaela believes that winning is possible to everyone, as long as there is commitment, focus and determination. To be always at the top of her game she practices everyday for long periods, not only her pole technique, but aerobics exercises, and dance lessons as well. She is currently working on competing in the Florida Pole Championship, in April 2015, US and America Pole Sport Championship in June, In New Orleans. She is also exploring the possibility of opening her own pole dance studio one day and expanding her marketing presence while aggressively participating in numerous future competitions and performances. Rafaela hopes to showcase her abilities while bringing a larger audience to the sport of pole.

New Pole Parties Tease

June 10th, 2014

You asked for it and we listened! Get ready for new hot Pole Party Packages coming to SoBe in June! Whether you are planning your best friend’s Bachelorette Party or travelling to Miami for a Girls’ Night Out – we’ve got you covered! The most anticipated and fun parties are coming to SoBe Pole Dance Studio – Booty Pop Pole Party and Sexy Lap Dance Party.

Picture those moments when you are at a corporate event with your coworkers and the DJ is playing you favorite song and you wish you could break it down like Ciara, but the thought of your dancing skills ending up on YouTube makes you think twice? We all have been there! No more worries, feel free to express yourself at SoBe Pole Dance Studio and book one of our Dance Parties! Get ready to learn how to twerk like Miley Cirus, Booty Pop like Ciara and seduce like Beyonce in “Dance for you” while enjoying a glass of champagne and chocolates with your friends! We still offer our Classic Birthday and Bachelorette Party Packages and now you can book a Pole Party on location! Stay tuned!