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How To Make a Good Pole Dance YouTube Tutorial

Monday, November 16th, 2015

To teach a skill via video tutorial is an easy way for people to learn and keep up with new moves, and for you to make new followers and share your talent. This creates convenience of watching the video at any time anywhere, the ability to pause or slow motion the video, and one on one instruction. Video tutorials are sure to attract new followers and convince your current one’s that you’re serious about your job as a pole fitness instructor who always has more to offer.

While this may seem like a simple technique and most people/businesses will hop at the opportunity to expand their viewership with online video tutorials but not all video tutorials are good. The key aspect of a good video tutorial is not technical but the delivery. Ideally, a person conducting a tutorial should be trained on how to deliver a proper tutorial and the video itself should be well understood and properly formatted.

Pole Fitness Video Tutorial Manual:

Start off by introducing yourself (name) and the pole move that you will be performing. Announce the name of the studio if any that you are making the video on behalf of. Example: Hello. My name is Brittany, Im an instructor at SoBe Pole Dance Studio and in this tutorial I will be demonstrating a pole spin – Fireman.

Demonstrate the actual move so that the viewer knows what the move looks like and what to expect.

After performing the move, break each movement down to its simplest form. Provide detailed step by step instructions.

Next, repeat step three a little faster than it was done the first time.

Perform the move again at its original speed and advice your students to attempt the move with you this time.

Thank your viewers for watching, encourage them to keep practicing, and subscribe to you or the Studio you work for on YouTube.


For every tutorial provide variations of the dance move for your viewers. For example, give alternative options for the more advanced and the beginner pole dancer (something that would make the move easier or more difficult). Also, remember to always encourage the viewer to try the move on each side of the pole (left side and right side). There are great auto-fix and stabilize options that YouTube offers under “enhancements” settings which you can access after uploading a video to make it look professional. 

Pole Fitness as a Sport

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Pole dancing has evolved over the last decade, becoming a popular workout and an organized gymnastic competition. There are people who think pole dancing is provocative, is only associated with stripping, and gives a sexual connotation. But, what people need to see is that pole dancing could be considered a sport. There are many pole dance studios around the world, making the sport not only national, but international as well. Many students of SoBe Pole Dance Studio admit that pole dancing is a great way to exercise, get fit, and it also inspires and empowers them. There are many reasons why pole fitness should be recognized as a sport and perhaps one day become an Olympic sport.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a pole fitness athlete wins an Olympic medal? Before pole dancing could be considered a sport, it must be administered by an international federation which ensures that the sport’s activities follow the Olympic Charter. If it is widely practiced all around the world and meets a certain amount of criteria established of the IOC’s, and eventually draft an official petition can be submitted for consideration by the international Olympic committee. The International Sports Federations are international non-governmental organizations recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as administering one or more sports at world level. The national federations administering those sports are affiliated to them. While conserving their independence and autonomy in the administration of their sports, International Sports Federations seeking IOC recognition must ensure that their statutes, practice and activities conform to the Olympic Charter.

Pole Fitness is an innovative and trendy way of working out. It depends on significant upper body strength, flexibility, and body endurance. Pole dancing is not your typical gym exercise. It lacks the need of heavy equipment. The only weight it requires is your own body’s mass. This sport can be geared towards toning and building muscles insuring full body workout, and classes can make women feel athletic yet artistic and confident at the same time. Pole fitness is for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. Women have been looking for a change in their exercise routines and pole dance provides that modification. The sport develops self-confidence and healthy bodies all over the world.

Timothy Trautman, President of the International Pole Sports Federation who was recently interviewed with “Buzzfeed” said that he would love for pole fitness to be in the 2016 Olympics. Tim goes on to say, “Having pole dancing in the Olympic Games is the only way for people to realize that pole dancers are incredible athletes: “They have such grace and elegance and they absolutely belong in the Olympics. But we do fight the stereotype that it’s for strippers.” “We have to take some of the eroticism out of the moves and also take off the high heels.” “We’re going to frame it as these are athletes that you’re watching”, Trautman says.

There were a total of 12 new sports that debuted at 2014 Sochi’s Olympics. The ski halfpipe (men’s and women’s), ski slopestyle (men’s and women’s), snowboard slopestyle (men’s and women’s), snowboard parallel slalom, women’s ski jumping, biathlon mixed relay, a new figure skating team event and luge team relay. In hopes, with time pole fitness will make it to a list of debuts. The Arnold Sports Festival 2014 is paving a way for pole fitness to be introduced to the world as mainstream. For the first time, pole is going to be featured at a major event.

Like most of the events featured in the Sochi’s Olympics this year, pole dance competition administrators such as US Pole Dance Federation, Pole Sport Organization, International Pole Sports Federation, and others hold strict requirements for its competitors that must be followed to compete. According to Pole Dancers Buff Image with Rules and a Dress Code article and International Pole Sports Federation “Rules and Regulations”, among the written regulations there is compulsory and optional rounds, age and level restrictions, no dancing in an overtly erotic manner, no rear end shaking, no hats, canes and anything that is not considered attached to the costume. The federation’s rules frowns upon anything that falls off a dancer. They mandate disqualification for intentionally removing items of clothing, ban costumes from being used in an erotic manner and require neckline of no lower than eighty (80) millimeters from clavicle notch and many other rules.

We have to continue to spread awareness for everyone to know that pole dancing should be an Olympic Sport. Mainly because it is truly as difficult a sport as gymnastics or ice skating, pole dancers train tough, and there are pole fitness communities fighting to make it to the Olympics. At SoBe Pole Dance Studio we strongly believe that good conduct within a pole team can also contribute to each pole dancer’s personal growth, so why not encourage it? Pole Fitness is a lifestyle for many!


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Making a Move Away From Pole Fitness towards Pole Sports

Sunday, October 20th, 2013


According to the article Pole Dancers Buff Image with Rules and a Dress Code, published in the Wall Street Journal 08/12/2013, organizers of a meet in London “want to reform pole dancing into a sport respectable enough to go to the Olympics. Because of this, many judges of Pole Fitness competitions are shedding burlesque roots in hopes of becoming an Olympic-worthy sport. The article goes on to say that the organizers of the meet have written a rule book that gives code names to compulsory moves, specifies scoring methodology and bans pole-dancing staples such as removable articles of clothing.

Strict Judging Criteria:

Based on the article, among the written regulations there is no dancing in an overtly erotic manner. No rear end shaking and no hats, canes and anything that is not considered attached to the costume. The federation’s rules frowns upon anything that falls off a dancer. They mandate disqualification for intentionally removing items of clothing, ban costumes from being used in an erotic manner and require neckline of no lower than eighty (80) millimeters from clavicle notch.

Pole Dancer’s reactions:

Some believe that the competitions were in dire need of stricter rules because they believe that ‘required moves’ set standards for all competitions. This will allow for the judges to distinguish the weak from the strong. Others believe that such strict ruling will take all the fun out of the sport. Referring back to the article mentioned above, Renee Richardson, a Budapest Burlesque performer was quoted saying “I need the glitter, the hairdo, and most of all, dancing,” “The sport is nice but my heart beats for the glamour.” (Veronika Gulyas, 2013). The two very different opinions show that everyone participates for their own specific and personal reasons. The question remains, is adding stricter rules a good idea for the Pole Fitness industry?


It’s obvious that there is going to be some controversy regarding this change in the Pole Fitness community. Whether or not the federation takes the reactions of the members of this sport into consideration is the more important issue to think about. The steps to becoming an Olympic Sport are some that are not simple. “A sport must meet criteria for matters such as gender balance, geographical spread and governance. They first have to become a recognized sport and then there is a long process to be gone through before they can take part in the process”, says Mark Adams.

Forget chocolate on Valentine’s Day, choose Pole dancing instead!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday. It’s all about love, romance and appreciation of that special relationship you have with one another. Valentine’s is a perfect reason to celebrate love by getting presents either for yourself or for your loved one. Most common gift ideas for this special day are usually red roses, expensive wine or chocolates, stuffed animals or valentine cards.

Many people are puzzled by what to get as a gift for their loved one. Want to be different this year?


10 Reasons Why Pole Dancing is The Best Way to Exercise

Monday, February 11th, 2013

1. Feel instant results.

Pole dancing is equivalent to a gym session. It is guaranteed to make you sweat! Since pole dancing is fast paced and entertaining, it is a great way to get your cardio in. It will also help you improve balance, endurance, flexibility, posture, gain energy, and most importantly confidence. One can feel accomplished and invincible after completing a class. Burning 250 calories in a one-hour Pole Dancing session is achievable! (more…)