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You may have heard a buzz around town about a new fitness craze. Your girlfriend may have mentioned something about a new pole dance studio in her neighborhood. You might be wondering if the words ‘pole dancing’ and ‘exercise’ even belong in the same sentence. If so, the answer is yes! Pole Dancing has become well respected in the fitness industry as a healthy way to have fun and lose unwanted extra pounds, while toning and strengthening your body!

People might initially be apprehensive about venturing into this old and controversial form of dance because of the stigma behind it, but those that have moved beyond the taboo have found pole dancing to be a fantastic way to get in shape and bring positivity into their lives. In this recent New York Times article an anchorwoman says, “The dance moves once reserved for strip clubs are being embraced by devout, churchgoing women.” No doubt in the past pole dancing was considered by some as sleazy, but now the times have changed and it is everything one could want in an exercise regimen.


Live 5 News Channel Coverage, Charleston South Carolina


This sport has many sides and angles that many people are completely unaware of. It encompasses more than just the physical aspect of exercise. It is more than simply you and the machine, or you and the mat, etcetera. In ‘Momma Says…’ Blog, Rochelle states that “Unlike other conventional exercises like aerobics, running, biking, and many others, pole dancing gives me a breath of fresh air. It pulls me out of my shell. It’s a crossover between my love for dancing and my determination to work out. It makes me feel good about myself, like no other workout regimen does.” Pole dancing just is not an ordinary workout!

The beauty of pole dancing is that people may approach the sport in several ways. You have the option to let it exist as your simple fitness routine, you can use it to tap into your sensuality and to boost your confidence, or it can also become a complimentary mélange of exertion and art. Pole dancing, unlike other general workouts, can become a fantastic cross between gymnastics and artistic expression. As a matter of fact, many professional pole dancers, such as Felix Cane, perform in Circ du Soleil shows around the globe. Just to paint a visual, a student can go to a pole dance class at a local dance studio dressed in the usual shorts, tank, and sneakers and get their typical exercise fix, or they can get creative and wear a sequined top, cutoff shorts, and high heels. As long as the skin can grip the pole, you’re free to bring creativity to the class. All of these components make pole dancing a beautiful sport.


Felix Cane performing for Circ du Soleil’s
Felix Cane performing for Circ du Soleil’s Zumanity Show on Conan O’Brien’s “The Tonight Show”, June 25th, 2009


Pole dancing is not only about expanding your boundaries, it is also about results! This now mainstream recreation has helped some women lose a lot of pounds! In a CNN Health Article a pole dance studio owner Angela Edwards said, “We have women who come in here 40 to 50 pounds overweight and they drop it in about six to eight months…” Pole dancing works the entire body including the back, stomach, arms and legs, and some muscles you may have not even known you had! Your average gym workout may sometimes target just the aesthetic muscles that make people look attractive, and may neglect other very important muscle groups. For those of us that sit and work for the most part of every day, pole dancing is a great way to rid of aches and pains caused by weakness of the muscles in the back and shoulders. Pole dancing makes people feel good!

Now that you have a bit more information about pole dancing doesn’t it seem a bit less frightening?! Like all things foreign, a bit of education can help ease the discomfort of the unknown. So next time you catch wind of the pole dance buzz floating around, maybe you’ll hop on it and give it a whirl! Pun intended. We can’t wait to see your shining faces at SoBe Pole Dance Studio.

To all you ladies out there that have already tried pole dance or are hooked for life, please share your amazing experiences with us just like Jessy and Katherine did at the end of this fabulous article ! See you soon!

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