Forget chocolate on Valentine’s Day, choose Pole dancing instead!

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday. It’s all about love, romance and appreciation of that special relationship you have with one another. Valentine’s is a perfect reason to celebrate love by getting presents either for yourself or for your loved one. Most common gift ideas for this special day are usually red roses, expensive wine or chocolates, stuffed animals or valentine cards.

Many people are puzzled by what to get as a gift for their loved one. Want to be different this year?

As one of the options, you can treat yourself with a pole dance class. It’ll help you to open up and get in harmony with your inner self; you’ll also learn sassy moves that you can share with your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

Remember that pole dance class is not only a sexy routine these days, it can also be challenging. More and more often it is viewed as a fitness activity intensive enough that it can substitute your regular gym.

What if sassy and sexy is all you want to learn for the Valentine’s? There’s an option for you of “The Art of Striptease” workshop which is offered from time to time at SoBe Pole Dance Studio in Miami Beach, FL. The next one is scheduled for 02/14/2013 at 3PM. Another option is to attend our signature Exotic Lap Dance class, which teaches you sensual lap and seductive dance techniques on the chair, every Saturday at 1PM. Come in and bring your friends to have maximum fun!

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