Pole Fitness Instructor Training

Full Body Workout SoBe Pole Dance Studio 1

Our Instructor Training Package is tailored for each individual student. It is an individual training. Packages are unique because they address a particular person’s needs and level of pole technique.

In order to assign you to the right program please help us understand your level of pole technique. If you do not know your level please answer the following questions:

1. How many weeks, months, years you have been practicing pole?
2. Do you invert?
3. Do you feel comfortable performing one handed spins?
4. Can you do a full split?
5. Do you have any fitness or dance background?


Basic Program covers Basic Pole and Level 1 Beginner.
Transitional Program covers Level 2 Advance Beginner and Transitional Level 2/3.
Intermediate Program covers Level 3 Intermediate.
Advance Program covers Level 4 Advance.
In any of the 3 Programs the following material will be covered:
5 hours of private pole classes,
4 hours of open pole practice time,
overview of pole moves for a respective level,
common situations in class,
pole anatomy,
instructor code of ethics,
questions and answers portion,
safety and well-being of students,
sporting techniques,
stretching exercises,
hygiene of the equipment and exercise area.
As a part of the training a trainee will teach a real class and get a feedback from his/her instructor. A trainee will complete a final test of practice and theory. A Certificate of Completion from SoBe Pole Dance Studio and printouts of the material will be provided.