A Little Questionnaire

Your opinion is very important to us. Please feel free to fill out our questionnaire. Your honesty is much appreciated.

    1. Your Name: *
    Age Group:
    If you work, is it:
    What part of Miami do you live in?

    2. Have you heard of Pole Dancing as a fitness activity?
    Would you be interested in taking pole dance classes?

    3. How far would you be willing to drive to go to a pole dance studio?
    What would be a good location for you?

    4. Would you go to a studio that did not have free parking or a parking lot nearby?
    5. Would you rather take a pole dance class:
    6. Would you be interested in:

    7. For your teacher, would you rather have someone with a background in:
    8. Yes or no, would you be more interested in a dance studio if it had the following features?
    Dressing Rooms:
    A small gym:
    A tanning bed:
    A Juice/Smoothie Bar:

    Do you ever buy freshly-squeezed juices or smoothies at
    your gym or after exercising?

    9. Would you be comfortable registering and paying for classes online or would you rather register and pay in person at the studio (or it doesn't matter)?
    10. When you call the studio, would you want to speak to a receptionist (a real person) or would it be ok to leave a message (or it doesn't matter)?
    11. Would you be attracted by advertising that said, "Learn to pole dance like a stripper" or would you be turned off by it?
    12. Would you consider buying pole dancing clothing and equipment (sexy outfits and shoes, workout clothes, a pole for your home) from our studio/website or would you shop for them other places?

    Thank you for your time!
    Sincerely, Yana