SoBe Pole Dance Studio at US Pole Championship 2012!

Sobe Pole Dance studio is proud to be present at US Pole Championship 2012 which took place in New York City in September. There were a lot of great performances and workshops from both pole fitness amateurs and pros. Congratulations to the champion – Michelle Stanek – she got the 1st place among the professionals. You can see her amazing performance here.

US Pole Dance Federation has been around since the beginning of 2008. Founded by two ladies: Anna Grundstorm and Wendy Traskos – it is the first and only organization in the US that hosts professional pole dancing competitions and is based on fair judgment.

Back in 2008 there were no credible pole competitions in the US that would choose the winner with a use of a professional score system. Most of the competitions would be held in clubs and the crowd would determine the winner.

USPDF (United States Pole Dance Federation) changed pole dancing into a competitive sport in the theater setting and let people appreciate the art of pole dancing.

There are two rounds in the USPDF competitions: one compulsory routine and one optional where the score points based on a 10.0 scale determined by judges. Whoever gets the most points combining the two rounds becomes a champion.

For USPDF pole dancing is a sensual athletic dance form that requires coordination, flexibility, fluidity, creativity, individual style, and physical strength.

Watching amazing performances of pole dance professionals at USPDF championship made us believe that one more step for pole dancing becoming an Olympic sport was made. Rules are becoming more strict, and performances are taken to the next level.

At SoBe Pole Dance Studio we train our students at all levels: from beginner to advanced levels. We will be proud to train you to become the next USPDF champion ☺

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