There are so many different poles to choose from! How do I know if I’m getting the right pole?

When deciding on a pole to purchase, the amount of options and information available can be overwhelming and darn-right confusing to interpret! We’ve been there and we understand that it can be challenging to feel confident in choosing a pole that is just right for your needs and preferences. For that reason we would like to share our hard work and research with you! We hope this article is helpful in your search for the perfect pole.

*Please note that this information is subject to change and that we encourage further questions be addressed with the manufacturers themselves

Major points to consider when looking for a pole are ALL of these:

  • Pole Material and Finish
  • Pole Diameter
  • Pole Height
  • Spinning or Stationary(non-spinning)
  • Portable, Removable, or Permanent Poles
  • Pole Mounts
  • Pole Aesthetic
  • Your Ceiling, Flooring, and Location for the Pole
  • Pole Strength
  • Quantity of Pole Pieces
  • Cost
  • Pole Crash Mats


Pole Material and Finish

When imagining your pole what do you see? When deciding on a pole to purchase it’s important to know what aesthetic vision you have for the physical appearance of your pole, and how it will interplay with its surroundings. Pole Dance poles come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and finishes. They come in different metals such as brass, titanium, or stainless steel. Poles can also be purchased with a ‘GLOW'( built-in lighting inside), or in custom colors and patterns, or painted with flames. Also the metal or finish can affect the grip and hold on the pole, so that should also be factored in as part of your decision. A brass finish tends provide more friction and is easier to grip and hold than Stainless Steel; but Stainless Steel will be easier on which to glide and transition between poses.

Pole Diameter

Poles can be ordered in different diameters and that will affect how easily they can be gripped and used. If you have small hands it might be better to go with a smaller diameter such as 1.75″(4.52cm) instead of the most common 2″ (5.08cm) diameter.

Pole Height

The height of your pole will be determined by the height of the overhead support or ceiling. The height of your pole will then dictate if you are able to have a spinning or stationary pole, and can also affect how many pieces it will need to have. Commonly stationary poles can be made up to 24′ high and spinning can be made up to 14′ high.

Spinning or Stationary

Many pole manufacturers offer a pole that can both spin and remain stationary. Using a spinning pole gives the impression that the dancer is twirling around the pole. Spinning poles are more difficult to learn to use and are generally for experienced and dedicated pole dancers. They usually have a locked position in which they can remain stationary if so desired. A pole that is only stationary does not spin and is great for beginners.

Portable, Removable, or Permanent Poles

Portable poles are intended to be used at various locations and often to not require any affixing or drilling. These poles are often held in place by upper and lower tension or by a wide-base platform. They usually come with a carrying case of sorts. Removable or Semi-permanent poles are typically intended to be used at one location but removed often for privacy or convenience. Although some removable poles do required a drill, they can be used at various locations as well. Permanent Poles are intended to be used in one location only, and are usually affixed to the upper and lower supports my means of screws or bolts.

Pole Mounts

Pole mounts vary greatly between manufacturers. In some cases, the usable space on the pole will connect directly with the pole mount, meaning the dancer can use every inch on the pole all the way up to the mount itself. In other cases there is a space between usable pole, and the mount itself, where the hardware can be adjusted. Some of the companies provide an extension for the pole, in order to fit the precise ceiling height, but the pole extension is not usable pole space. Also, depending on the manufacturer, some of the mounts will have hardware that can protrude and may injure the dancer if he or she gets too close. Some pole mounts are large, some are small, some are metal, some plastic. It is very important that when purchasing your pole you are aware of how the mounts are going to look, function, and if they are going to impair your performance in any way. Unfortunately, in our experience, the websites have not been extremely helpful in that sector. It’s best to contact the company directly and ask.

Pole Aesthetic

The pole aesthetic runs right along with the pole finish. How do you want your pole to look? Where will your pole be located? Some people may want their pole to match with the overall look of the location. There are so many colors, paints, patterns, and metals to choose from. An individual can get very creative when customizing which pole they would like but choose wisely because most manufacturers do not allow returns!

Your Ceiling, Flooring, and Location for the Pole

When you are looking for a pole it is very important to know first where you are going to put the pole. Is your pole going to be mounted onto a truck or boat, inside your house or business, or outside? The ceiling and floor, or upper and lower supports are going to influence what you will need for your pole. If you have carpet, tile, or wood flooring, that is going to influence the type of bottom mount you will need, and whether you have vaulted ceilings, high ceilings, or concrete ceilings, that will influence your ceiling mount. If you’d like a pole with a ceiling mount, you will need to know precisely the exact height of the ceiling. Do you have enough space around your pole? Most poles require at least a 3′ radius. All these important details must be thought out before making that purchase.

Pole Strength

For your safety, always be sure your pole is strong enough for the user and then some. Our particular studio is offering classes for men as well as women. In this case we needed to make sure that the poles we purchased were strong and safe enough to support anyone attending our classes.

Quantity of Pole Pieces

There are so many different types of poles on the market and it is difficult to know by looking at the photographs if the pole is one piece or multi-pieces. Some poles come in one long piece and will need special shipping. Others come in separate pieces that need to be assembled upon delivery.


In general and depending on the manufacturer, pole dance poles cost from about $200 – $500.

Pole Crash Mat

We suggest that anyone planning on purchasing a pole also invest in a safety crash mat! Please visit the following sites and choose the one that best suits your taste and needs.


Below is a list of contact information for the most reputable pole manufacturers in the industry.

Platinum Stages

Lil’ Mynx Poles


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