US National Pole Championships 2014

10405437_651253064930396_7891020005956334883_nStudents, have you heard of the US National Pole Championships 2014 which will be held in New York at the Mason Hall in Gramercy Park this year in August 1-3, 2014? The Polers that qualify from the regional events from the professional women’s and new professional men’s division will compete for cash prizes and the title of 2014 U.S. National Pole Champion in each division. We are also so happy and proud to announce that our studio has three students that will be going to New York for this competition for the U.S. National Pole Championship Series. We have seen these girls come in and work hard on the pole with all their tricks and moves they have learned here with us. How great is it to have all kinds of people like teachers, lawyers and sales representative come in to our studio to learn how to pole dance and want to compete. If you are one of our students you should defiantly want to take a look at these events and learn more about it!! Have a great day my friends.

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