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Have you ever been to Miami? Ever wonder what there is to do in Miami? You may already know that Miami is a hot spot for celebrities and globe-trotting tourists. Besides fabulous tropical weather, from partying to picnicking, Miami has something for you! Look no further to find out what’s happening in our great city, then book your trip and drop in and say hi! We’ll be waiting!


South Beach

Sometimes referred to as SoBe for short, South Beach pertains to the southernmost 23 blocks of Miami Beach. It is known to have been the first part of the island to be developed. Now after many metamorphoses, SoBe is home to a huge entertainment and tourist destination, and the famous Art Deco Historic District. Here you will find endless nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and shops galore, plus gorgeous white sand beaches and deep turquoise blue waters. South Beach is usually the first stop when anyone new comes to Miami, but one may also discover that this great city has so much more to offer!


Art Deco Historic District

Right here, in this beautiful city, we are fortunate to have the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in existence. Our Art Deco structures include grandiose hotels, small and large apartment complexes, dainty shops, banks, and all types of establishments. If you’re a big fan of Art Deco architecture in particular, be sure to visit during Art Deco weekend, which will be from Jan 13th-15th 2012. If you’d like to take a tour, you can visit the website of Miami Design Preservation League or stop in at the visitor’s center and gift shop on Ocean Drive and 10th Street and they will be delighted to provide tour information any time of the year.


Active and Sporty Lifestyle

If you like water sports, Miami is the supreme location for your hobby. Here we have boating, diving, large game fishing, lobster fishing, water skiing and wake boarding, spear fishing, kite surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and more! The water temperature remains swimmable just about all year round, so if you enjoy water related past-times then you’ll love it here! There are many ways to explore Miami by water. This article has just a few great suggestions. Besides our beautiful ocean, there are also other ways to be athletic and enjoy the outdoors. Biking, running, soccer, beach volleyball, and skating, are just to name a few.


Art Basel

Do you like art? Miami is the happy host of the largest annual art fair in the world! In the beginning of December every year and for one week Art Basel Miami Beach completely takes over the city. All of a sudden artists and art lovers from nearly every country flood in and transform Miami into a creative wonderland. Hosting over 40,000 attendees, Art Basel’s pop-up art and live performances abruptly adorn the streets. Empty warehouses, sets of shipping containers, and entire hotels become giant art galleries. Not to mention, the most unique parties are happening around town and you never know who you’ll bump into!


Wynwood and the Design District’s 2nd Saturdays

Every second Saturday of every month, Miami’s local galleries open their doors to the public. Huge crowds, consisting of groups of friends and families, wander the streets hopping in and out of each gallery whilst gazing upon the newest art created by Miami artists. Most galleries are happy to provide complimentary refreshments, snacks, and or beer and wine for the perusing guests. While you’re there you get the feeling that your neighborhood is having a giant block party. Here is a nice article related to the monthly gathering.


Winter Music Conference

If you are a fan of dance music then you will love Miami’s Winter Music Conference (WMC)! Held every year in the beginning of March, it is this special time of year where electronic and dance music enthusiasts from all over the planet congregate for a saturated week of back-to-back events, concerts, and parties. During this week you will be certain to find the world’s best house and trance DJ’s plus their events and their fans. It is an opportune time for aspiring talent to promote their work and meet new people. If you happen to make it out you may also find yourself at the International Dance Music Awards ceremony. Without a doubt it is an action packed week!


Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is a 3 day and 36 hour non-stop outdoor electronic dance music festival which has been known to host such names as Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Black Eyed Pease, Moby, and the list goes on! Often attaching itself with the WMC, this festival gathers masses of people with its flashy visuals and distinct sounds. Last year the festival had a record of 100,000 attendees. You know you are in the vicinity when you see people in brightly colored costumes, and you can hear the distant thumping of the base! UMF usually takes place during WMC but not always. Be sure to check the dates.



Miami is famous for its nightlife! Miami Beach in particular has a high concentration of some of the most beautiful and well known nightclubs in the world, and no doubt the crowd to match! Like Las Vegas and New York, Miami’s clubs really know how to help you enter a fantasy world of lights, music, people, and atmosphere! Here are some clubs we highly recommend for a great time!


Food and Wine Festival

Miami Beach will be hosting its 11th annual Food Network’s South Beach Food & Wine Festival in February of next year. It is 4 days of savoring, tasting, and experiencing the picks of the world’s most distinguished chefs, restaurants, culinary experts, and wineries from around the world. Last year the event attracted nearly 55,000 guests so don’t miss the boat! Profits benefit FIU’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.


Gay Scene

Miami Beach would not be as it is if not for the gay and lesbian community. Miami had had many years of social and economic downturn, especially during the 80’s when the murder and crime rate was frightfully high. Miami was looking quite bleak until the gay community began to see its potential. Slowly but surely they began to make Miami beautiful and peaceful again. As of today Miami still remains one of the most gay and lesbian friendly cities in the U.S. Every 4th Friday of each month there is a 90 minute Miami Beach Gay & Lesbian History guided walking tour, which will also inform on how the gay and lesbian community is still making efforts and changing Miami currently. There are several gay clubs scattered around the city as well as a gay hotel named appropriately, LORDS. As with every great city we have our gay pride parade, and we have an annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. So much to do, so little time!


National and State Parks

It is rare indeed that you find so much nature packed so closely to such an urban environment. Bill Baggs, Oleta, The Barnacle, and Biscayne Parks are right here and at your fingertips. Throw a party, have a picnic, or take a stroll and a swim and enjoy the serenity of nature. Or better yet, jump in a car and take a drive over to Everglades National Park for an airboat ride and see some real wildlife, such as alligators!


Miami Spice

Miami Spice is a 2 month period every year during August and September when the majority of Miami’s most prominent and respected restaurants participate in a promotional offer including signature 3 course meals at a price that will make your taste buds burst! Four and Five star restaurants, amongst others, all over town offer their delicious Spice menus at lunch time for $22 and at dinner time for $35. This year over 100 restaurants will partake in the fun. Click here to view the entire list.


Latin Flair

As of 2000, according to Wikipedia, 66.75% of Miami’s population was recorded to have Spanish as their first language. Miami has been considered to be the U.S. portal to the Caribbean and South America. At least 70% of Miami’s population is of Latin decent and this factor contributes greatly to Miami’s atmosphere, cuisine, and culture. No matter where you are in Miami, it is usually rather easy to find a Cuban cafeteria serving hot cafecitos and cortaditos, along with empanadas, croquettas, and other Cuban delights. If you are going to Little Havana, you may want to read this article full of places to visit while you’re there. If you’re one to learn how to dance Salsa from the best teachers you should check out Salsa Mia!

We are aware that there are many places you could choose from for a fabulous tropical vacation, but hopefully we just gave some convincing reasons to come here instead! If you’ve already been to Miami and have some fond memories to share about your experiences, please feel free to share them here with us! We are all eyes and ears (and muscles)! If you haven’t been over to see us yet please do! We are a friendly bunch and we look forward to meeting you! Go HEAT!


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