West Palm Beach International Pole Dance Convention

SoBe Pole Dance Studio just got back from the International Pole Dance Convention held in West Palm Beach on June 10th, 11th, and 12th, and we had such a great time! We had an action packed weekend full of workshops and informative seminars. We made new friends, discovered new talent, and got a total body workout!

We were so fortunate to be able to attend workshops hosted by Jenyne Butterfly, Felix Cane, and Alethea Austin. They were not only very nice and helpful, but they also put us to work on the pole! Pole dancing really is an amazing and complete body workout! I’m still feeling all the hard work I put into these classes and it feels great! Afterward the pole stars were happy to sign autographs for us. Perhaps soon we will be able to have them teaching in our own studio!


Yana and Jenyne Butterfly Robyn, Felix Cane, and Yana
Yana and Jenyne Butterfly
Robyn, Felix Cane, and Yana


Amongst the performances we were able to watch we were mesmerized by Prana Ovide-ettienne from France. Aside from noticing some brand new tricks, her grace and agility moved some people to tears! Watch out for this rising star. Also Hanka Venselaar from the Netherlands demonstrated quite an incredible performance. She is remarkably strong yet delicate, and we were thoroughly impressed and awe struck at the difficulty of the maneuvers she is able to do!

The business and marketing workshops were extremely helpful and informative. Listening to the advice of Collette Kakuk and Lizz Schofield really broadened my horizon significantly. Lizz Schofield is the Managing Director for the Pole Fitness Association (PFA) and she has her own Pole Dance Studio, Soiree in Salt Lake City, Utah. Collette Kakuk is the Board Co-Chair of the PFA and also has her own Studio, OC Pole Fitness in Aliso Viejo, California. Despite their grand successes they were very friendly, honest, and open. They’ve already been down the road of opening a studio. They’ve tried all the tactics and have zeroed in on the ones that work, and they were happy to share their experiences with us.

Overall, the entire experience of the International Pole Dance Convention was surprisingly informative, friendly, and refreshing. SoBe Pole Dance Studio would highly recommend all aspiring dancers and studio owners to attend next year and soak up as much fun and information as you can! For us it was certainly worth it.

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